Want To Start A Travel Agency Business? All Plan And Details: Part 2

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Travel agency business plan
Want to start a travel agency business? Find out all the details A business plan is very important in any business. First decide where you want to go. You need to get yourself to that place at least once before starting a business.
Based on a verbal agreement with the hotels in that area, you need to decide what benefits they will be able to offer when you send or take customers there, and what percentage of travel agent commission your company will pay. Usually travel agents get 10 to 20 percent of the booking. You also need to talk to the local transport company to find out the car arrangements.
Once the understanding of a destination is clear, you need to sort the itinerary accordingly and sell it to the buyer at the right price. To do this business you always have to keep looking for new places and come up with new travel ideas so that you can be a few steps ahead of your competitors.
It is recommended that you have your own website for this business. You can also create a free website in the beginning. Where you need to inform the customer about all the services of your company. You will also need to provide details of the items you have and write down how much you are charging for that service. The best way to make a travel agency’s website attractive is to use high quality and lots of pictures. So that the customer is interested in buying your tour package just by looking at that picture.

Rules for opening a travel agency
Just like any other business, there are a few rules to follow in order to open a travel agency business. But now the rules for starting a travel agency business have been made very simple.

  1. Determining the type of company
  2. Most travel agency companies form private limited companies. Private limited companies get various benefits. Private limited companies are also required to provide online services.
    However, if you want to start small, it is better to start as a limited liability partnership or a one person company. If you want to start a business as well as a job or start a business slowly, start a one person company, start a limited liability partnership company if two people with you.
  3. Travel agency license Business Plan
    Once the structure of the company is fixed, a trade license has to be obtained from the local administration. Before getting this license, you need to get your company name and an office address.
  4. Open a current bank account
    Once you get a business license from a travel agency, you need to open a current account through which all your business transactions will be completed. This account can be opened in any government or private bank.
  5. Business registration
    The office of the Registrar of Companies in Calcutta is in the Nizam Palace Building. However, it is usually easier to register a business with the help of a chartered accountant. In that case the chartered accountant will be responsible for making all the rules and regulations and paperwork. Many companies now offer this service online.
  6. GST registration
    Like all other businesses, travel agency business is also covered by GST. As a result, GST registration is mandatory for doing business on a certain amount. However, even if you do not register for GST at the very beginning of the business. GST registration is required only if the annual turnover of the business is less than Rs 40 lakh.
    . To be a recognized travel agency by the Government of India
    It is not mandatory to be a travel agent recognized by the Government of India to do travel agency business in India, but having this recognition facilitates business expansion, increases credibility and facilitates tours of various schools, colleges or corporate entities.

Who can apply for this recognition
· A company with an investment of at least Rs 3 lakh
The company that has been in operation for at least one year before applying Travel agencies that are accredited by the International Air Transport Association or IATA General Sales Agent or Passenger Sales Agent The company has an office of 150 square feet. In hilly areas where the altitude is more than 1000 meters above sea level, application can be made only if there is a 100 sq ft office.
Must have at least one owner or full-time member with training and experience in ticketing, itinerary, transportation, accommodation, currency, customs rules, and all matters related to tourism and travel services. Must have at least four employees and at least one of them must have a degree or diploma in tourism. In North-East India and rural areas, the number of workers should be two.
Travel agency has to submit income tax return. 3,000 has to be deposited for the application. Eastern Travel Agents Contact Address for Application – The Regional Director (East), India Tourism, “Embassy”, 4, Shakespeare Street, Kolkata – 600071 West Bengal Phone number- (033) 2282 5713/2272 1475 Fax- (033) 2272 3521 Email- indtour@cal2.vsnl.net.in

According to experts, due to India’s economic infrastructure and cultural uniqueness, travel agents continue to dominate the market in today’s digital age and will continue to do so in the future.
In this country, especially in our state or in Kolkata, there is an opportunity to earn a good income by doing travel agency business in kolkata. All you need to know is how to start a travel agency business in Kolkata (how to start a travel agency business in Kolkata).

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