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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most used social platforms we have in present. Every month as many as 2 billion social users remain active on Facebook. 

Over the time, Facebook has been the main focus of advertising new businesses or marketing products. 

Unlike Google, Facebook doesn’t use websites for their advertising.  Facebook has its own pages and groups to show ads. And you don’t need to target your desired users because the amount of Facebook users are so many that you will easily get views from your desired users. And It’s also very easy to use Facebook’s advertising system to advertise your brands. 

Many website owners even use facebook to promote and drive traffic to their website. The major popularity of Facebook has made it an ideal platform to market new businesses. 

— it’s not easy to target users just by creating a group or page or sharing links. Users will generally avoid your shared links and they won’t even try to read your posts or visit your pages. That’s why to market your contents or products or whatever you want to get viral on Facebook, you need to advertise them all over Facebook. By marketing your business on Facebook it can be a lot easier reaching out to your targeted audience.  That’s why using Facebook ads service is a better choice to market your business popular. 

About Facebook Ads Manager 

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool of Facebook that allows you to create and manage your own Facebook ads. You also get options to view, make changes and see results for all your Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads.

With Ads Manager, you will be able to:

— Create ad campaigns. 

  You are also able to design your ads in a step-by-step process by using ad creation. When you create your ad, you choose the marketing objective, the people you want to reach, the places to show your ad and the ad format.

— Manage multiple ads at once. 

In facebook Ads Manager, you are able to edit settings such as audience, a budget and placements across many ads. You can so create copies of your ads by duplicating them. 

See how your ads perform and view up-to-date data on the performance of your ads and schedule reports.

 You can view results at the account level to a high-level view of how all your campaigns are doing. Also, apply breakdowns to see the metrics you care about and create or schedule ad reports. 

How much Facebook ads could cost you.

Advertising on Facebook has become a trusted marketing-strategy for businesses worldwide with around 7 million advertisers active on the platform. Now If you’re thinking about marketing your company on Facebook, But, you have one question in your head that disturbs you: How much does Facebook advertising cost? 

It is a common question to hit in your mind, afterall without knowing the costs it will be unreasonable. If you want to know the average number, then the Facebook advertising cost usd 0.97 per click and usd 7.19 per thousand impressions. The average (cpl) cost per click cost usd 1.07 and (CPA) cost per download could cost usd 5.47 but due to several factors, like ad placement, target market, industry, and more, your business could see a different number of cost that could be higher or lower.

Are Facebook ads worth it?

Facebook advertising works incredibly well for users. You can easily target your desired active online users on Facebook to promote your products.

 Facebook ads are visual and aligned perfectly. Particularly on mobile devices, the ads are sized perfectly for the users, text-based ads here.

 Also, you can use data and analytics to track the performance of your Facebook ads, allowing you to make changes to improve everything from impression share to click-through rate, everything as you would in a paid search campaign. 

You can easily promote your Facebook pages and groups or your own website as well. 

Can anyone earn from Facebook ads?

Facebook holds all the advertisement’s money to itself. Facebook doesn’t provide any monetization service to Bloggers, we cannot monetize blogs,websites or Facebook pages with Facebook ads and make money from it.

Instead, Facebook is a great way to advertise your products to let users know that you may have what they’re looking for. Also it is a great marketing platform to drive more traffic to your website. Many website owners target Facebook online users to gain more popularity, and Facebook’s ads system is just what they need. 

Is Facebook safe for advertising? 

Facebook is a million dollar wait…. Wrong Facebook is a billion dollar business, It is a famous social platform all over the world. Over 2 billion users use Facebook and millions are using Facebook to market their business.   it’s not a successful business over the night, it took several years for Facebook to reach where it is now. But many people think that Facebook sells private data of its users with third parties, which is absolutely false and just a rumour. Facebook has given more privacy protections to its users. Even the operators of Facebook have no authority to use your private data. So, Facebook will be as safe for you to market your business as Google is. Yet doubting on Facebook’s privacy would be nothing but a stupid thought of your mind.  


— Facebook is absolutely a better social platform to market your business and reach out to your target audience. It is easier to promote your business to users you actually want to know your business. Facebook ads helped many successful businesses to connect with their targeted audience and grow their business. Though, you don’t need a business to promote, you can promote your Facebook page, group, posts or even your own website. You can easily get thousands of Facebook online visitors to your website and gain more popularity with Facebook ads. So using Facebook ads for your business success could be a better option for you.

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