Farewell Speech School College Farewell Speech In 2021

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,

All my respected teachers and me
All students seated in front
Who is my sincere greetings
And good luck. He is very sad
Today I have to speak with a heavy mind
Our farewell ceremony.

Although we
I think it’s a farewell
Only formal. Because from the mind
It may be possible to say goodbye forever
Will not We have been doing this for a long time
I read in the organization and this
Every teacher in the institution
Teachers make us different
The subject matter is extremely efficient
We will never forget what you taught
No. Spoken in English.

”The teacher is more teach what they are
than what they say ”
Another scholar said.
The mediocre teacher tells, the good
teacher explains, the superior teacher
demonstrates, the great teacher inspires ”
And our teachers are always ours
Encouraged. That is why we are yours
Ever grateful. But do not want to stay
Having to say goodbye to the organization.
Today is a chapter in education
Finished in the next chapter
We say goodbye for the purpose of keeping feet

I’m taking. You pray for us
Do it in the future educational life
Further improvement in the formation of the country and the nation
Can play a role. Greek playwright
Sophocles says.
What a wonderful glory the light of a day is
If you don’t wait until sunset to find out
It is not understood. ”Exactly
Long education here
In the midst of your many regimes
Which has to go through is temporary
It may seem annoying, but now it’s over
At the moment I realize it is for us
How useful it was. So ours
If any of any behavior
Teacher /
The teacher tends to get in trouble or get younger
Or I make a big mistake
Then forgive us.
On behalf of all students
I politely apologize
I’m taking.

Anyway, more on the farewell moment
Needless to say, this institution and
All teachers in the institution /
The bright future of the teachers
I wish you a long life
I’m finishing here.

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