Every Human Being Has Talent

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However, some people use it to move towards success and some people use it and move towards failure.
Not everyone in the class can be a good student. And no one understands how important it is to be a good student.
Being a good student is only possible when you have a specific goal in life.
Learn how to be a good student and how to be successful in life:
1. Set goals:
Good students are valued everywhere and they have many opportunities to achieve success in life. If you want to be a good student, you must make a goal in your life. Think about which way to go. Create a trajectory.
2. Persevere:
You have to persevere to be a good student. Perseverance is needed to move forward with the goal of life. Perseverance in student life will bring you success in life. Hard work will help you become a better student.
3. Routine:
Create a specific routine for the type of work you are doing in student life. Calculate and share routine study and other work hours. Be sure to set aside time to study the routine and work accordingly.
4. Work Library:
Good students prefer to do library work. Hard objects can be easily mastered by doing library work. For this reason, by choosing a certain time of the day, you do library work at that time. You will see that it will be very easy to become a good student.
5. Leave bad friend:
The most important thing to be a good student is to give up bad friends. Having bad friends will waste your time very badly. Can’t study, can even become addicted to drugs. That’s why you need to eliminate bad friends from your circle of friends and add some good friends if necessary to bring attention to good study.
Ways to be a good student
The best students in this country. It is very easy to get the number with a little effort.
1) You have to memorize exactly what the teacher writes on the blackboard and what he says in his mouth. For this you can use notebook and tape recorder. It will work a lot.
2) Not trying to be extra smart. Teacher is always right. This policy must be followed. You can flatter the teacher or the department by being stingy. Although there is no need for this.
3) In the case of practical classes, you have to explain to your instructor that I am working hard. And if there is any theoretical thing in the practical class, you have to write the words of the instructor or the writing of the board.
4) In order to get acquainted, the teacher or instructor has to do all the coaching which he knows the answer and can give very well. Trying to stop can be counterproductive.
5) Group study should always be done. Those who have never done this are missing a huge thing. Get started fast. This will save a lot of your time. 10 hours of reading will be in 2 hours. And you can chat for the remaining 8 hours.
6) Be a little selfish. Give everyone everything. Even then, keep some to yourself. These will make a difference to you and others.
6) Always take help from seniors. There is no point in rediscovering the wheel (note) over and over again.
6) Use the beauty during the final presentation. Not the work inside. Simply put, what is seen with the eyes must be visually pleasing.
9) Always have a good relationship with the so-called good student in the class.
10) Memorization is a great science if not read.
If something Kulkinara can’t do, memorize it like Hafez.
(We used to call it “goma” (copyrighted!), Some of the people on this forum have heard of it.)
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I believe that everyone has the same talent. Everyone deserves to be a so-called good student. So what is the solution?
Inattention is one of the many reasons behind the steps of different types of schools that I have mentioned here.
The matter is so serious now that with coaching centers and home teachers, children no longer pay attention in the classroom.
Not only the children are being harmed but also many teachers are suffering from humiliation.
But if we pay attention in the classroom, we don’t have to go to the second and third schools which waste time and money.
The main reason for inattention is sitting in the back.
As a result of sitting in the back, many people do a lot of irrelevant things like seeing and drawing flowers, birds and leaves from behind.
The result is falling behind day by day. First bench-last bench inequality developed.
The only way to increase attention is to sit in the front row. Can’t believe it? Sit down one day and it will work like a tonic.
You can say, if everyone wants to sit first, how will the place be? For them, everyone will read my words?
Believe it or not though? Will not So, the first seat in the first row from tomorrow is yours.
If you are a middle or last class student today, the badge of a good student will be waiting for you from tomorrow.

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